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DISTANCE's full length debut album.
Released through Mighty Music/Target Group (November 10th 2014).
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released November 10, 2014

All Songs Written & Produced by DISTANCE
Mixed and Mastered by Samu Oittinen @Fantom Studios (Finland)
Cover Art by María Durán

Vocals - J. Blanquet (MORGAN)
Guitars - A. Fernández (ALF) & M. Guerrero (MAK)
Bass - J. Díaz (JOMER)
Synths and Keyboards - E. García (ERNES)
Drums - L. Rodríguez (LUCHO)



all rights reserved


DISTANCE Madrid, Spain

Sheer crushing Melodic-Prog-Death Metal (or something like that) since 2007.

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Track Name: Fragments
Drive your mind
To that deserted spot,
Where it looks up and sees the torment
Formed by fragments I couldn't face once

Makes its way
Going forward, stepping backwards
Projecting shadows
Where light used to be

Everything moves away,
Extrapolating while merging
Past, present and
Whatever will be

Regretful he tries to leave the place
Where it sewed the seed
That will grow and tie this
Perpetual Ouroborus Syndrome

Good times now burn
Bad times now chase me
Tell me I'm alive
Watching fragments that pierce my heart again
This is where we live now
Arid landscape of my soul

Everyone's a mirror
I see burdens everywhere
Broken thoughts looking for an end
An eyeless demon, that's what I am

Now it's time to understand why
You can't come with me
Because I won't feel you until you're not here
Inseparable frustration
Forever walks with me

Mark my words...

There's a cliff between
What is and what should be
It's raining memories
Pray for forgiveness
You thought I would never fail you
And then you got to know me
Now look at that new scar
Track Name: Open Wound
The years are passing by
They start to pick up
I spin around and around
I get off in the same place
But nothing has changed

My bad
These bloody roots should have been torn away
An illusion, a reminder
A music box screaming my name
With paralyzing notes
That I've already played

I can't help but quiver
And start the dance with unlaid ghosts
Lessons not learnt
Carried away

Unconscious summoning
Shuffling the direction of the wind
Taking me back to where I started
To where I failed once
Origins of this serenade
Is it worth it to try and save myself?

A fear to not bloom back again
Unreal pains are whispering
The demons conceived in me
Can cut through all my stitches

The black brick road appears
I know the end of the line
I met them in the path
The one who lost his heart
The one who lost his brains
The one who lost his courage
Thinks he's not a warrior anymore

United inside the same being
Going after the call
The chant of the siren
Beyond the doors of flesh
That time succubus is seducing me to stay with her
It's always the same with that ridiculous liar

The years go by
And nothing has changed
My bad, I'm too attached
To these old notes
These old notes of fear

Wherever I go
It's coming along
Just to make sure that
I'll fail again
Track Name: Chemical Trails
Starve to death, such a sad fate
We ran after that devastating parasite
Our perfect inconsistent hunt
Constant and intense fiery hearts
Went through all frontiers

Repaint tomorrow side to side
Ultimate design
Aim for a goal and go for it fulltime
But don't ignore that...

Life is a test
It's bright as it is dark
When passion's not enough
You'll wish for the weather to change

Time to take a deep breath
And tie the last knot
For the one trying to survive
Beneath the starless sky

Can you remember the flag
That you used to wave everyday?
I found myself carrying with it
On my own
While Chronos kept breaking the swords
And he puts in your mouth the words of the fallen
I am too old, I am too cold for this war
But I will remeber the days...

Refusing to give light
For the damned

Feel empty
Too far away to come back home
The shreds of our capes
Show us the final destination
And I felt like nothing
It felt like nothing
We were not strong enough to stop the world
So we felt like nothing
We felt like nothing at all

Rip out my eyes
What's left to see?
Are crashing dreams
A sign of defeat?
Servants of grey, I won't join you
As far as I'm not dead

Torn nails still dug in earth...
Track Name: Too Late
It's time to say goodbye
And try to drain each drop of pain
From within
No excuses now
It all turns into a whole universe itself
Denied oblivion
Just to keep you alive inside

But the rain, keeps stoning me
All over this old cementery

Like if this cold emptiness could disappear
I stood staring at the inscription
The sum of the soul
The life that was once
But too late, it's too late
Salvation was never on our side
We never stood a chance
Like a milestone in our genetic code

All the things never told
Are melting from within
Flooding my memories and
Washing away my present tense
Washing away my present tense
Frozen in here without you

Despite that I saw it coming
It kind of feels like the laughing burst of
A destiny willing to leave me behind
But nevermind...
In the end we're just like grains of sand in the desert
Waiting to be blown away by the storm
Born from broken promises
Just like everyone else

Freedom in solitude I've found
It tastes black and blue all round...
I'd die to feel you one more time

Never forget me
I'm the one who broke your heart
I won't forgive myself
But I won't be the last to hurt you
Who cares?....
Too Late...
Track Name: Conception
I can see clearly what you came here for
We've been there before
Your presence thickens the air
And electrifies my begging eyes

I can feel your power
Sick laws of attraction
Instincts taking over
No use in resisting

My perfect bait
Tonight the wolf inside is howling
I try to resist, but your moon fills me with desire
Slipping through my hands
This careless and unrestrained sensation
Is driving me to the end of the line

Mundane situation, vulgar me
Loss of perspective, change of roles
You're my prey
Then I'm yours
I want to bleed white
While drowning in your sweat
Let's run and hide and lie
Just for the thrill

Standing in my way
The thirst appears with you one more time
I'm on my knees because
You make me weak
This is abuse...

Time to take off our masks
Daily pains float down the river
While you bring your fangs out on me

The burning crossroads of our lives
are a temporary heaven
Synchronized ritual
Becomes addiction

Lust is chaining us together.
Track Name: Process Of Self Destruction
Swallow your traumas and prepare to rule
The world
Pain's not the main source of experience
Only the slow human process to destroy our soul
Embrace this Traumatic wandering
You thought you were
"The Man of The Hole"
You saw yourself as the most precious item
That rises from obsession
Flowing violently
Through the letdowns
Swimming in troubled waters
And whenever you reach the shore
The salts will have affected you
Strokes of success sailed away from
Tamed new pet
Of the shallowness
You've dreamed with her
Screaming from the bottom
Of your heart
Humanity's no longer based on
Empathy for you...
(A) Way to survive
Bleeding out the cattle
The path of your green god is
Full of sacrifice and lessons
The others will all learn
I'm chosen
I will rule the world
Is this the trial they deserve?
They're walking moneybags
Waiting to be plundered
Just cut'em
Poison them with your new brand tongue
Drive the rats to the drowning
With that song of yours...
You better step off the way
He's coming
He's gonna bleed you all
Like cattle
He doesn't mind
He doesn't care
Look at you
Made it to the top
Head by head
Everyone is under your feet now
Point your finger and conquer
Infinite loads of things
Now possess you
You're complete but still broken
Thousands of ghosts laugh at you while
You try to sleep
You try to live
Every morning the mirror reminds you
You're dead inside
You're dead inside...
Track Name: Seeker Of Truth
Stumbling again
Plowing on through the times
Cycles of life and death
With no value
Without effect at all

Multiple self dimensions
Collapsing into this cracked reality
Divided yet together
Could that be?

Everyone wants it
So they wave their flags
In the middle of the tempest
Claiming victory
When they're not even half the way
We've got so much to learn...

Bend your mind
Between a porous and a solid state
Because knowing what choice to make
Is the greatest truth
And the shadows of that choice shall be
The cross to bear... for life
With you
So you can learn to be
One step ahead

Like nowadays anyone would take some time
Lazy minds take what comes from above for granted
It's the easy way
A dying purpose buried by them all
By what they were told
I can see those wolves licking the blade in the snow
But who couldn't say I'm licking it too?
That I also fell
False prey
Through generations
To kill us all
And keep us free from simplifying

Another seeker of truth
sliding the great spiral down
Be careful my friend
For you could end up
Lost in the mist

And you might want to back up
But your eyes are already sewn
Wide open

Know thyself
Those are easy words to say

Enjoy the darkest
Most futile trip ever
Divided yet together
If you blow you horn the loudest
Would that mean that you're right?

Slide down the spiral...
Track Name: Outreach
Right in the front
The vast, endless void
And the center of all attention
The shining one
A lonely king on the alert

Crawling through horizons
Eyelids spreading
A golden tower
For the living
Not seen by the dead
Not seen by the sleeping
Both a killer and a saviour

Blurring all lines inside the suddenly expendable mind
I'll make my way towards you
Becoming another ray of light
Explosion after explosion
Attention is drawn
It takes a second to feel the greatness
Within the obvious of
What comes and goes

There's something mesmerizing
In that titanic medusa
A mind blowing side effect
Because it's too terrible to stare at
Too powerful to resist
Flattening us all
Following it like moths

Vulnerable and exposed, beholding a captivating charm
The ancestors of life remain silent
Lighting a cold and grey world
Full of forsaken descendants
Lift my goals until I get to think
This should be sick

Turning my back on the world
I face the horrors of the universe
The beginning of times
The end of the world

There is just one way
Give me your hand if you will
I'll show you lands without wars
Where a footstep lasts for ages
No human can survive
No human can destroy these masterpieces
And he demands distance
But there are no rules for me anymore

One last jump
When there's nothing left
When it has been burnt by such beauty
Embrace me before the giants and their followers
I will vanish before reaching into you

Vulnerable and exposed
Beholding a captivating charm
The ancestors of life remain silent
Blinded my cold and grey world
Full of minimized thoughts

No goals left to lift, ultimate delirium
A liquefying kevlar cage

Please save me from this
Universal mediocrity.